Sexclub Vienna

A fantastic place for over three decades

Welcome to Sexclub Vienna in Amsterdam. A place where passion, discretion, and luxury come together to offer you the ultimate erotic experience. For over 30 years, we have been a staple in the city, known for our seductive angels and unparalleled service.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or visiting a sex club for the first time, at Vienna, we’re ready to give you an experience you won’t soon forget.


Open every day from 11.00 till 22.00.


Parking is available right at the door, for your privacy we cover your parking costs.


Rijnstraat 224

1079 HV Amsterdam



Please call for the available girls!

Today inside The most beautifull girls of Vienna Amsterdam.  Also BEA, ELENA, BRENDA are in and two more dutch ladies.



░O░U░R░ ░A░N░G░E░L░S░  


 Kim                   Photo’s & info 

║ Elena                Photo’s & info 

 Daisy                Photo’s & info 

 Imola                Photo’s & info 

 Chantalle       Photo’s & info  


More photo’s and info from the other ladies are coming soon!


Ladies looking for work? Vienna has a spot for you. Due to our long history, many customers and tourists find us. You can make a lot of money in no time. Call, email, WhatsApp, or feel free to drop by for an application.

Now also on Twitter @sexclub_Vienna


Starting from:

€ 90.--


Always anonymous

Not expect an impressive sense of arrival when entering our salon. On the contrary: we observe maximum discretion for our distinctive clientele. Entrance is free, the welcoming typically informal as the Dutch are known for, but above all utterly discrete.

Vienna Salon Erotique has a reputation to uphold as purifiers of erotic encounters and we are passionate about offering the best service in the heart of Amsterdam.

Working in an erotic atelier

Experience our world

Vienna Salon Erotique welcomes connaisseurs and enthusiasts every day of the week monday till friday from 11:00 till 22:00 o’clock, Also saturday and sunday from 11:00 till 22:00 o’clock. at Rijnstraat 224 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Reservations are not needed nor recommended.  Public parking is widely available in front and nearby our salon. Our entrance shows no signs except for an outdoor light which is always switched on during operationg hours, a tradition in the sex industry.

We assure that you will not see nor be seen by any other guests upon your arrival and departure.

We accept cash and debit/pin cards. Credit cards are welcome and subject to a 10% surcharge.

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