House Rules

Everything for a pleasant atmosphere

Earn a lot of money in the best place of Holland. The most busy private house, massage, sexclub and escortservice in Holland. We located already 33 years on the same location. So many regular custumors and a lot of tourist. You make your own working hours there is a sleeping place available. If you’re intrested in working in the best place you can contact us on phone number : +31653291215 or mail us at WERKEN@CLUBVIENNA.NL

And if you have other questions feel free to contact us at: +31206123444 


We see our angels florish and enjoy coming to our aid when the atmosphere is right. To keep things in balance we expect our visitors to obey the 10 Commandments.

Safety prevails

Safe and neat

Vienna is an officially certified and registered company by the municipality of Amsterdam. This government body supervises the prostitution industry in the capital and carries out checks regularly. As a result, legitimate companies like Vienna can offer their sex workers a safe and pleasant working environment, without criminal activities and -influences.

We operate a rule book

Thou shalt

– not request our angels to perform any treatment without a condom.

– you are soley responsible for your own time keeping during a session. This responsibility is not transferable and not up for discussion.

– not take any packaged alcohol and/or drugs into our premisses. Visitor under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed entrance.

– kindly refrain from smoking in our club.

– treat our angels with respect and never ever use physical nor verbal violence. When in breach we contact the Amsterdam police immediately.

– present yourself properly cleaned to our angels. She may always request you to take a shower prior in the room prior to your treatment.

– not exchange any personal information i.e. phone numbers, email address or social media related for the sake of everyone’s privacy.

– accept and respect an angel’s decision to refuse a requested actions, without any further explanation. Angels can refuse any action at their own discretion.  Vienna, nor the municipality of Amsterdam nor the Amsterdam police force will  accept any attempt to force angels into actions they refuse. No exceptions.

– follow the instructions of the management at all times and respect their decisions.

– undertake your arrival and departure as discretely as possible for the sake of our close neighbours.

– treat anyone and everyone within our premisses respectfully and friendly so that we can maintain the heavily atmosphere we provide.

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