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Heavenly peace

Magic at the touch of her fingers

Vienna Salon Erotique is an oasis of peace and calm in the bustling capital of The Netherlands. But don’t be fooled: behind the screens we work hard to satisfy our ever demanding international clientele. We are stylish, enthousiastic, passionate and focussed to offer the best possible service.

Every day we introduce an attractive cast to choose from. On a regular basis we have new angels take the spotlight who combine exquiste looks and magical skills. An overview of our recent cast can be found on our angel page and is updated daily.

Informal atmosphere

From our perspective

Perhaps the key to our 3 decade long success story is the way we go about offering our clients discretion. We keep youngsters out and people who purposely placed themselves outside the community. We offer our hospitality to a stylish and successfull audience who treats our angels respectfully and with tact. This distinquishes Vienna from most other operators and proofs to be a much appreciated choice.

To illustrate this a little further; we have for example no bar or public areas where clients see eachother. We only offer prive rooms. Six to be precise, so this tells we are all about intimacy and personalized service. All rooms offer a private shower, air-conditioning, pleasant lighting and background music. In other words, you will enter the perfect setting for a highly sensitive and intimate  moment with a stunningly beautiful lady who is soley focussed on satisfying you intensly.

You will be assigned a private room on arrival where the available girls will introduce themselves to you one by one. Should you decide to spent some time with one of them you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your private room. Alternatively, if you decide to go, you simply walk out, no questions asked and you are most welcome another time.

When staying, we happily serve you a cool non-alcoholic refreshment or a freshly brewed cup of iLLY coffee or tea. From the moment your angel of choice enters your room, you will have her sole attention. She will firstly make you feel at ease and comfortable, so you can enjoy every minute of your time spent together. Her spontaneous attitude will make you melt and forget any concerns you may have had when entering the place.

Generally a session starts with an erotic massage to relax your muscles and get you geared up. Gently and graciously she will introduce the next stage of your erotic date which includes intimate sex and oral stimulation. Any other desires and fantasies that you may have can be discussed directly in private with your angel. It remains at  her discretion whether she can entertain your wishes.

It is sensible to point out to your angel how long you plan to stay so she can keep an eye on the time while you relax. Since you pay us afterwards, you can stay as long as you wish without the need to notify the management. Please note that you are soley responsible for your time keeping and this responsibility is never transferable to the lady.

Upon vacating the room you can pay with the management by cash, pin/debit card. We take credit cards but charge 10% on top for bank fees. All electronic payments are anoymized for your comfort and safety.

The management will make sure you can leave the building discrete and in style.

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Always anonymous

When entering our gentlemen’s club you will be greeted by our English speaking hosts and hostesses who will make you feel welcome and at home. Moreover, your arrival will be undertaken very discretely, away from any other guests in-house.  Discretion is a cornerstone to our success.

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We happily answer all your questions and queries by phone and Whatsapp during operating hours. Feel free to drop us a line or shoot an email with a specific question or when you are interested in our vacancies.

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Are you attracted by showing off your beauty, are you interested in the world of erotique and male addoration? Can you handle excitement, passion and lots of cash? Perhaps you should give us a ring and tell us why you deserve a place in our cast.

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