Vienna Salon Erotique
is a licensed operator

Our license

Vienna Salon Erotique is an officially licensed and registered operator in the prostitution industry. We operate under license number ASD 1079HV/B014, issued by the municipality of Amsterdam, valid until 2025.

The municipality and related government bodies regulary do checks and inspections at our premisses where they monitor our compliance with the regulations and conditions related to our license. For some 30 years now, we keep impressing the inspecting officers with excellent book- and data keeping, cleanliness and excellent care for the angels in our care and trust. Their well being and safety is our greatest concern. It may interest you that Amsterdam has the most stringent rules and regulations of Europe regarding licensed prostitution operations.

Why is this important you may think. Besides licensed operators, The Netherlands is home to many illegal operators and so-called ´one-man-bands´ who operate from home or a rented hotel room.  Suppression teams roam the country in an effort to get a grip on human trafficking, illegal prostitution, exploitation, violence and abuse. In most cases the sex worker has little to no protection and if left to her fate. Becoming ill and seeking medical care of often not possible. The physical and psychological maltreatment is beyond believe. Frequenting such operators keeps this trade alive and will never stop the misery.

We therefore recommend you to visit a legal operator who adheres to professional standards and gives the sex workers’ well being and rights top priority.

Be aware, be social. Live and let live.

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