In heaven, only for a moment

Vienna charges modest fees for her erotic hospitality. All rates are so-called ´all-in´ which means they include the compensation for the girl, the use of the room, sufficient materials for safe sex, a private shower and non-alcoholic drinks.


Our offer

An encounter with an angel on earth is a unique and memorable experience. At Vienna we have several angels to introduce on a daily basis. They are all keen to meet new people and pamper the human souls with sensational care and skill.

A visit does not necessarily need to be long, often a 30 minute session is a life changing experience. no extra money is asked for in the room, so no unpleasant surprises. For such a  heavenly experience we charge as following.



€ 115-



€ 170.-



€ 230.-


Sensational intimacy

Generally angels will engage in 30 minutes sessions which include a gentle massage followed by oral stimulation and sex. Apart from these 2 intimate treatments one can discuss more personal wishes with the angel and depending on her own view she may or may not desire to grant them.

Should you body and soul require more time and half an hour, we recommend you take out our 45 minutes package or go straight for the full hour treatment. After one hour, one can extend each time by 30 minutes intervals.

Meetings with our pretty ladies take place in private rooms, fitted out with a private shower, air-conditioning, mood lighting and soft backgrond music. The upkeep of our rooms is similar to a 5-star hotel room.

The fact that one pays afterwards for the service is rather unique in our field and attracts a lot of praise from clients. We take payment in cash, pin/debit card. Credit card payment are subject to 10% surcharge.