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Are you our next angel?

If you have set your mind on making serious money without breaking a sweat, you should read on. On this page we explain how you earn enough money for that well deserved holiday or those high end accessories you always wanted but never deared to buy.

From the response of the many girls (we prefer to call them ‘angels’) who work with us on a regular or part-time basis we learned that we are the best paying sex club in The Netherlands.

To put that in perspective; it means that you make 9 out of 10 times at least €500 or more after completing your shift. No joke!

We are obviously proud of the fact that our angels earn so well and can afford a very comfortable lifestyle.The secret of our success lies in the fact that we operate this business now 30 years at the same location. As a result we serve a fabulous network of loyal clients who are constantly on the look out for new, sexy girls. That’s exactly where you fit in.

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We value your talents

Your entry to a next level of earning money starts here. If you are older than 20 years of age and know how to make a nice appearance, you are guaranteed in high demand and flabbergasted how fast you earn serious money. 

Besides our excellent financial compensation we take pride in offering a pleasant and safe working environment. We believe that you can only shine in your work when you feel comfortable and are having fun each time you meet clients.

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Here is a quick insight what the vacancy as an angel entails. Our business caters to a very specific clientele: they are all successfull and motivated to treat themselves with the best erotic hospitality Amsterdam has to offer without all the hassle and fuzz of illegal+ alternaives.

Gentlemen who found their way to our heaven on earth are well heeled and know how to treat our angels with respect and adoration. To them it is clear that pleasant and respectful communication contributes to a better quality date. As their time is limited they expect that there is nothing else to wish for when they arrive. Consequently they expect a good selection of nice girls to choose from, that the private rooms are spotless with sufficient supplies to ensure safe sex and that the atmosphere overall is comfortable and informal.

Our house rules ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for everyone. This helps you to always stay in control of every situation and feel confident to point out your own boundaries as to what you are willing to entertain and what not. The way we organise ourselves ranks high on the list of reasons why girls enjoy working here and keep coming back to schedule their working hours. This offers great benefits to both our girls and clients alike. Because girls who work regularly see clients coming back for them and this obviously results in better and steady earnings.

It is not uncommon that the regular clients bring presents and are generous with their tips as a reward for the quality time they enjoyed with their favorite girl.

The decision when and how long you work lies entirely with yourself. Since we pay out cash the same day, you always go home with a big smile and feeling it was worth your while. 


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The club

Have it your way

The informal atmosphere at Vienna salon erotique guarantees a pleasant working environment. Our management makes sure only the right clients gain access to our club and that everyone feels respected. There is so much more to tell about our club which helped so many girls finance their study, first car, luxurious holidays as well as their most secret erotic fantasies.

Part of our success is the way we interpret discretion. For example, we do not allow access to youngster looking to spice up their social media story lines or individuals who have intentionally placed themselves outside our society. We offer hospitality exclusively to gentlemen who behave well and appreciate our care and discretion. We strictly run the business with professional management who are respectful and supportive at all times.

Seeing is believing

The best way to fully appreciate our offer is to drop by and see for yourself what we offer and how we are organised. We happily give you a tour and sit down to explain how things work and answer your questions.

A much heard comment of girls visiting us is that the atmosphere is really free of any pressure which makes it so comfortable to step in and give it a try. So, here is an open invitation to give us a call and start a conversation. It will not take long to find out why our angels keep coming back for more…

If this information has triggered your interest and you happen to be outside The Netherlands we recommend you give us a call to obtain information prior to visiting us. We are always happy to hear from you!

Drop us a line by phone, email or chat. Till soon.

Vienna Salon Erotique
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1079HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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